Custom Home Improvement

Hardin Concepts was formally established in 2018 in pursuit of becoming the leading remodeling, home improvement, and custom trim work contractor in the greater Knoxville area.  Our team has a career background in industrial construction and project management with a combined        years of experience.  Hardin Concepts utilizes today’s best project management software along with the most effective construction practices to keep your budget on track.  Our commitment to your project will be unrivaled and we will stay committed before, during, and after completion. Hardin Concepts will go all out to provide excellent customer service and unlike our competitors “NO JOB IS TOO SMALL”, seriously! Your small job or task matters to us and if you are looking for handyman services visit Hardin Resources.

What We Do:

  • Kitchen / Bathroom remodeling
  • Home Finishing
  • Custom Trim Work / Barn doors
  • Wood / Tile Flooring
  • Decks / Hardscapes
  • Project Management Software

Hardin Concepts was established as a response to being disappointed in the lack of commitment and professionalism of the contractors that worked on a personal remodeling project. Traveling as a business executive multiple days a week it was frustrating when contractors would not show up to complete work, be unreachable, would not call back, or they provided work that was unacceptable.  After many weeks and the project going over budget the contractors were fired and personal tools were picked up. The final product was more than could be expected of the contractors and the concept of what the rooms should look like was not lost in translation. Being gifted with the ability to take a concept of what someone is asking for and produce a dream can be attributed to the family. Growing up in a family that built and remodeled multiple homes, the passion for having a comfortable, functional, and personalized home is instilled in my nature. Learning the skill from the bottom up starting with picking up nails and sweeping subfloors, to hammering nails and taking measurements, to hanging doors and cutting trim work has taught a work ethic that is unobtainable from a book.




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