Our bodies are equipped with 11 different systems which are dependent to different degrees on the circulatory system to perform their functions for our bodies. The circulatory system is known as the main road of health, and its proper functioning is essential to the maintenance of the approximately 37 trillion cells that make up our bodies. Thus, when the circulatory system is performing at or close to an optimal level, a number of positive health benefits are observed.


At Circulation Station, we provide what is known as physical vascular therapy. It is a noninvasive, nonchemical method of enhancing general and microcapillary blood flow. A unique electromagnetic field is broadcast into the body, and the body will be positively influenced in 90 seconds. The sessions last for only 8 minutes, and no special dress is required to receive therapy.

When you arrive for your appointment at Circulation Station, you will be seated on the BEMER body applicator, which uses a special biorhythmic pulse that opens your blood vessels and fuels better microcirculation throughout your body. It's as simple as that! All of this takes only 8 minutes and the positive effects last for up to 16 hours! For best results, we recommend using the BEMER twice daily for 8 minutes at a time.

What can you expect when you visit?


Circulation Station

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