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Jim Vesper, owner and founder of Circulation Station, is a big fan of physical vascular therapy and its effect on the body. As a lifelong athlete and former certified fitness trainer, Jim has a passionate interest in helping people of all ages and abilities to achieve their best possible health. Jim has discovered the benefits of utilizing the BEMER medical device technology in his own daily routine, which consists of just two sessions a day that last only 8 minutes each. Whether he is lifting weights, swimming, indoor rock climbing, or playing tennis or golf, Jim feels that the BEMER therapy sessions both prepare his body for these activities and allow him to recover rapidly afterwards.



In closing, Jim warmly welcomes you to come by and give this therapy a try, whether you are an accomplished athlete, weekend warrior, busy senior, professional or homemaker. All people benefit from having great blood flow moving through our bodies every day!

Used by over 4000 hospitals and clinics all over the world, tried and approved by olympic athletes, BEMER technology can help improve the efficiency of all your bodily systems or help you with your workout by aiding your body in recovering faster between training sessions. BEMER is recommended by professionals across the globe.


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