A BEMER can:

  • Enhance blood flow
  • Enhance the nutrient and oxygen supply
  • Enhance body waste disposal
  • Enhance concentration & mental acuity
  • Enhance physical fitness

Jim Vesper, owner and founder of Circulation Station, is a lifelong athlete and fitness trainer with an interest in helping people of all ages achieve their best possible health. Jim has conducted extensive research educating himself on the BEMER technology and sees great potential in its health benefits for people ages 11-65.


Jim uses the BEMER as part of his own health regimen, and this revolutionary technology helps him challenge himself in a big way with weight training and swimming. It improves his endurance, flexibility, and the overall strength of the body. With the BEMER,  Jim doesn't have to let age-related limitations slow down his training, and he feels inspired to wake up in the morning feeling recovered and rested and ready to go 100% at his fitness program again.

Used by over 4000 hospitals and clinics all over the world, tried and approved by olympic athletes, BEMER technology can help improve the efficiency of all your bodily systems or help you with your workout by aiding your body in recovering faster between training sessions. BEMER is recommended by professionals across the globe.


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