so, HOW Does IT WORK?


It's as easy as 1-2-3!

We will set up the delivery schedule according to your choices and send you a reminder prior to each delivery (in the hopes you will receive an excited thank you phone call from your student).


Deliveries will be made on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday as part of the packaging pricing.


Special deliveries available on alternate days for additional service fee.

  • Why does Balloons from the Heart exist?

    This is SOOO very easy to answer! As a former public school teacher who loved my students, I find myself drawn to interacting with young adults. Many of my employees are college students. As I’ve listened to them over the years, I have often heard them feeling scared, overwhelmed, confused, depressed and lonely many times. They aren’t

    always feeling that way. Other times they express feelings of excitement, elation, and joy. College students have a wide variety of emotions and pressures on them.


    Whenever I’ve delivered balloons to a college student, they have always smiled widely and I can see their whole body language lift. One day, I delivered balloons to one of my employees, who was having a particularly rough time. When she received the balloons (she wasn’t there when I delivered them) I immediately received a call telling me how I had “made her day.” This gave me the idea of Balloons from the Heart—offer this service to parents so they could uplift their kids an stay connected during this “letting go” time of life—and so Balloons from the Heart was born.


    When speaking with my graphic design company, they said, “Man, this would be so good for senior citizens.” I had a few people tell me that as well. That’s when I added the Senior Parent packages.


    I love sending Balloons from the Heart and spreading joy to both these age groups. It’s a blessing for my staff and me to provide this service.

  • How do I place an order?

    Simply follow the directions and links on the website. After choosing your package selections, answering a questionnaire which will help us personalize your arrangements and making payment, you are complete and we’ll take care of the rest.


    If we have questions, we will contact you to clear them up.

  • When are deliveries made?

    Deliveries are made on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Special delivery days can be requested and a special delivery service fee will be charged based on day of week, time of delivery and location of delivery. Special deliveries are not typically offered on Saturdays and never on Sundays.

  • What happens if the person is not at available when delivery is made?

    Attempts will be made in advance of delivery to determine recipient’s availability.


    In the event a student is not available upon delivery, the arrangement will be left with the dorm RA or apartment manager for them to get to the recipient. A photo will be taken of the delivery and sent to provided contact person.


    In the event a Senior parent is not available upon delivery, the arrangement will be left with the Manager on Duty with directions to give to recipient upon return. A photo will be taken of the delivery and sent to provided contact person.


    BFTH is NOT responsible for lost, damaged or stolen arrangements left at the given delivery address.


    For College Deliveries: What if my student’s birthday falls on a date when school is not in session? Example: Birthday is during Christmas break.


    Special arrangements will be made for that student to receive a “birthday” delivery such as a half birthday date or whenever parent prefers to have the “birthday” arrangement sent.

  • When are Birthday Deliveries made?

    Birthday deliveries will be made on the Tuesday or Thursday prior to the recipient’s birthday date.

  • What messages can I send?

    That’s easy, we have provided a variety of messages you may choose from by using a

    drop down check box. If you want to write your own messages, you simply type them in

    the special message box, and we will be sure to send that message.



Simply choose the "Balloons from Heart" package you want to send to your student from the packages listed. PACKAGES >






Complete your order details attached to your confirmation email. (This can be done within 2wks of purchase at any time that is convenient for you.)






Here you will choose what balloon designs you want to send from the 15 designs and available color palettes, the message to include, where they will be shipped and that's it.