As an Executive Coach, I work closely with a select number of professionals who are invested in increasing their impact. Recent clients include CEOs, Corporate and Non-Profit Directors, Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Community Influencers.


The 7 Strategies Coaching Mastery Program is a structured approach that guides your growth in areas important to you, which might include;


  • Attracting & closing business, donors, clients and great gigs
  • Enhancing Strategic Alliances, Planning and Systems that work
  • Increasing your energy, reach and reciprocity
  • Live your calling and leave a legacy


This hands-on, individualized coaching program consists of a six month coaching engagement that is a catalyst and conduit for your accelerated progress. Every week we will have a scheduled, hour long call. The 7 Strategies will serve as a structure for fulfillment. You will have homework assignments and will be held accountable for your agreements. During each call we will focus on intentions (what and why) and mechanisms (how) . We will debrief, discuss issues and insights, and refine the being and doing that help you achieve the results you want and need. You can count me to be:


  • a prepared, professional, perceptive coach
  • an insightful sounding board
  • a candid accountability partner
  • an encouraging support
  • a strategic, creative guide


The Mastery coaching commitment is a good option for leaders who are serious about making the next 12 weeks, 12 months and 12 years fulfilling, lucrative, and mission filled. This coaching program  may not be the best first step  for everyone as it is tailor-made, intensive, and priced accordingly. There are lower cost options and free articles, inventories, daily tidbits and more that are available in the Courses& Resources section of the website.


I invite you to schedule a Free 30-minute Strategy Session. During your session I promise these Benefits:


  • A Powerful Article: “4 Questions that Motivate my Day”
  • The Coachability Index
  • Clarity about your specific question or intention
  • Ideas to achieve your stated objective


Invest in your own progress. Your someday is now.



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